Traditional Chinese medicine

Cattle Gallstone and GinsengChojo Sedative Bolus Class 2 OTC medicine

Chojo Sedative Bolus

Alimentation tough medicine Cattle Gallstone, 300 mg combination in 1 bolus

Chojo Sedative Bolus actions include cardio tonic, liver protection, sedation, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory, etc. This medicine is a well-balanced blend of eleven raw herbs that encourage health and promote nourishment such as Licorice Root, Saposhnikovia Root, Ginseng, and Peony Root with the main ingredient being "Cattle Gallstone", an animal drug. Take this sedative bolus to improve a weak constitution, relieve physical fatigue, and promote daily health.

Nutrients and tonics for the following symptoms: weak constitution, physical fatigue, during and after illnesses, gastrointestinal weakness, loss of appetite
Dosage and Administration

Take the following dose twice a day on an empty stomach between meals. Cut the bolus into small pieces before taking.

Age Dosage
(15 years and older)
1 bolus
8 to under 15 1/2 bolus
under 8 years Must not be used
Ingredients and Content
Composition of 1 bolus (4.8 g): Cattle Gallstone 300 mg, Licorice Root 300 mg, Saiga Tatarica 270 mg, Ginseng 300 mg, Peony Root 240 mg, Cinnamon Bark 180 mg, Saposhnikovia Root 180 mg, Cnidium Root 180 mg, Angelica Root 180 mg, Asinus Gelatin 210 mg, Dryobalanops Sumatrensis 57.5 mg (Additives: Honey, gold foil)

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