Company Information

Company Philosophy and Concept

We want you to be healthy tomorrow, too

Our company name ASGEN comes from the German word "Asthma" in hopes that we can help people with asthma, and the Japanese word "Ashita" for tomorrow, in hopes that we can help patients be healthy tomorrow.
Since our establishment in 1925, we have strived to research and develop crude drug-based medicines to improve the Quality of Life (QOL) of patients suffering from asthma and other allergic diseases.
Now that we have entered the 21st century, we have seen an increase in life-style related diseases and an aging society. As awareness for living a healthy life increases, ASGEN will strive to develop and provide a stable supply of products that are trusted for health maintenance, illness prevention, and primary care.
It is ASGEN Pharmaceuticals' hopes that everyone can live a bright, energetic, and pleasant life at all times.

Corporate Philosophy

We aim to be a company that contributes to the
"Improvement of the Quality of Life" of patients and consumers.

Business Domain

We aim to "pharmaceutical companies with planning, proposed and developed" the originality of some pharmaceutical products that take advantage of the many years accumulated know-how and technology in the herbal medicine.

Competitiveness and Strengths

  1. Contract Manufacturing: Planning, proposed and developed to pharmaceutical companies
  2. Production capacity: Supports multi-product, small-lot production
  3. Allergy areas: Product development of anti-allergy medication
  4. Traditional Chinese medicine:Import and sale of traditional Chinese medicine

Organization Aim

Always keeping in mind that it is a company engaged in the customers' health.
We will continue to promote the organization development that can practice the "three of S" of the following as a standard of behavior for all our employees.

Organization aim

Guiding Precepts of A Company

Love, Hope, Patience

Company Profile

Trade name
ASGEN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
October 1925
Head Office and Factory
2008 Kobora Yamada-cho, Mizunami-shi, Gifu, 509-6104, Japan
Tel: 81-572-68-1891 (main)
President Masaki Mizuno
62,500,000 yen
41 (end of March 2016)
Manufacture and sales of medicines and health foods
By car
approx. 10 minutes from Mizunami IC


October 1925
Founder Minoru Mizuno opened "Mizuno Pharmacy" in front of Nagoya University Hospital
At the same time, he received a permit to manufacture medicine for asthma, and started sales
April 1927
Medicine for asthma was named "ASGEN"
October 1947
"Mizuno Pharmacy" was burned down during the Bombing of Nagoya in WWII (1945)
The manufacture of "ASGEN" was resumed in Kamado-cho, Mizunami-shi, Gifu
April 1950
The Nippon Pharmacy Co-operation learned of the excellent benefits of "ASGEN," and Nippo Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. was selected to represent it
September 1958
"ASGEN Tablets" listed in Health Insurance drug prices
September 1960
"ASGEN Granules" listed in Health Insurance drug prices
January 1968
Company was renamed from Mizuno Pharmaceuticals ASGEN Research Laboratory to ASGEN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. At the same time, the head office was built in Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi
August 1972
Masanori Mizuno appointed as president
January 1973
Newly advanced into the field of foodstuffs, such as health foods and Royal Jelly, etc.
February 1989
Started importing and selling Chojo Sedative Bolus (Chinese name: Niu Huang Qing Xin Wan; Cattle Gallstone Pill to Clear the Heart)
September 1993
Re-evaluation of "ASGEN Granules" and "ASGEN Tablets" efficacy completed
February 1996
Sales of Zenmyo Series started
November 1997
Masaki Mizuno appointed as president
March 1998
Zenmyo selected for exclusive sales at NID Japan Drug Chain
May 2006
Entered into a business and capital partnership with Hoyu Co., Ltd.
March 2007
Mizunami Factory completed
September 2009
Manufacture and sales of "ASGEN Granules" and "ASGEN Tablets" discontinued
December 2014
Head office relocated to Yamada-cho, Mizunami-shi, Gifu
(Merged with Mizunami Factory)

Message from the President

President  Masaki Mizuno
PresidentMasaki Mizuno

For 90 years since our establishment,
working for everyone's health and a bright tomorrow

From our establishment in 1925, ASGEN has continued to research and develop medicines as a specialist in allergic diseases, such as asthma, and immune systems. We have received high acclaim for our products. In recent years, "Self-Medication," or protecting one's health by one's self, has become predominant, so we have focused on the development of health foods and supplements using ingredients such as coenzyme Q10 and gingko leaves. Our expertise as a pharmaceutical company allows us to pay special attention to content and quality, and to provide products with a high level of safety and effectiveness.

As we celebrate our 90th anniversary, ASGEN is facing our second development-stage. Our entire company is working passionately in an energetic working environment.

We are aware that we are a company involved with "Health," which is a priceless part of everyone's life. ASGEN will continue to search for our role in supporting the life of all people, and will continue our endeavors to evolve.

How Our Products are Made

ASGEN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. continues daily medicine manufacturing activities
under a strict manufacturing and control system with the philosophy
that the value of life and health transcends everything.

Formulas using crude drug extracts

Several types of formulated drugs are mixed in the device.
Then, liquefied crude drug extract is sprayed on, and granules are formed.
Finally, the formed granules are dried.

  • Fluidized bed granulating dryer

Subdivision into sachets and PTP packaging

After the powder or tablets to be taken by the customer are formed, they are subdivided into one-dose packets or PTP(Press Through Packaging).

  • Dose packaging machine

  • PTP


The medicine is packaged on a packaging line equipped with various check functions to ensure a safe product is delivered to the customer.

  • Final packaging

  • Final product

Quality Confirmation

The Quality Control Department follows quality standards based on GMP, and uses analyzers to perform strict control during all stages, from the raw ingredients stage to the final product delivery to the customer.

  • Test and analysis

  • Component determination

ASGEN's Safety and Quality Assurance

To provide high-quality medicines to our customers, ASGEN conducts advanced quality control based on strict precision control on all products manufactured based on the GMP/ Good Manufacturing Practice Standards for manufacturing control and quality control of medicine. We endeavor to provide products that can be used safely at any time.