Traditional Chinese medicine

Chinese Red Sage ASGEN Chojo Kantangen granules Class 2 OTC medicine

 ASGEN Chojo Kantangen granules

Improving the flow of blood and qi energy

The main ingredient of ASGEN's Chojo Kantangen granules is the herbal medicine Chinese Red Sage, blended with Kakketsuyaku (drugs that improve the flow of blood) including Cnidium Root, Peony Root, Safflower, and Rikiyaku (drugs that improve the flow of qi energy) including Saussurea Root and Cyperus. This drug improves the flow of blood to relieve headaches, a heavy-headed feeling, stiff shoulders, dizziness, and palpitations related to blood circulation. The granule-type formula is easy to take.

The following symptoms for middle age and older adults, and persons with hypertension tendencies: Headache, heavy-headed feeling, stiff shoulders, dizziness, and palpitations.
90 packages
Dosage and Administration

Take the following dose three times a day, before or between meals, with water or plain hot water

Age Dosage
(15 years and older)
1 package
under 15 years Must not be used
Ingredients and Content
Composition of one day's dose (3 sachets): Guanxin extract 5.2 g (prepared with a blend of the following herbs: Chinese Red Sage 4.5 g, Cnidium Root 2.25 g, Peony Root 2.25 g, Safflower 2.25 g, Saussurea Root 1.125 g, Cyperus 1.125 g) (Additive: Lactose milk sugar, Hydroxypropyl-cellulose))

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