ASGEN Series for Coughs, Sputum, and Asthmatic Cough
[Zenmyo Series]

Cough Medicine  Japanese and Chinese medicine extract blendZenmyo Granules A, Zenmyo Granules α, Zenmyo Granules Cough Suppressant Designated Class 2 OTC medicine

Zenmyo Granules A, Zenmyo Granules <span class='font1'>α</span>, Zenmyo Granules Cough Suppressant

Help for various types of coughs and sputum

This blend of 11 ingredients, including Wakan-yaku extracts, acts on cough and sputum symptoms resulting from various causes, and helps to loosen sputum and sedate coughs. These cough medicines are based on Ephedra extracts, and contain a blend of noscapine (central non-narcotic antitussive) and potassium guaiacolsulfonate (effective for loosening sputum).

Coughs, asthmatic coughs (hacking, wheezing), sputum
Zenmyo San A:1.2g×16 packages、1.2g×24 packages
Zenmyo San α:1.2g×16 packages、1.2g×24 packages
Zenmyo Cough Suppressant:1.2g×16 packages、1.2g×24 packages
Dosage and Administration
Take the following dose four times a day after each meal and at bedtime.
Age Dosage
(15 years and older)
1 package
11 to under 15 2/3 packages
8 to under 11 1/2 packages
5 to under 8 1/3 packages
3 to under 5 1/4 packages
under 3 years Must not be used
Ingredients and Content
Composition of adult daily dose (4 sachets): Dried Ephedra extract 500 mg, dried Licorice Root extract 200 mg, dried Ginger extract 100 mg, dried Cinnamon Bark extract 45.5 mg, dried Asarum extract 100 mg, dried Schisandra Berry extract 277.8 mg, dried Pinellia Rhizome extract 80 mg, noscapine 48 mg, potassium guaiacolsulfonate 240 mg, chlorpheniramine maleate 8.2 mg, anhydrous caffeine 120 mg (Additives: Metasilicate aluminate Mg, hydrogen phosphate Ca, corn starch, lactose milk sugar, acesulfame K, hydroxypropyl-cellulose, flavoring)

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