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Tranexamic Acid BlendASGEN T Tablets Class 3 OTC medicine

ASGEN T Tablets

Relief for painful mouth ulcers and throat pain

This sedative for pain and swelling contains a blend of the anti-inflammatory agent tranexamic acid, and acts on the source of the inflammation. Blended ingredients include dried Licorice Root extract, which suppresses inflammation, and vitamins B2, B6, and C, which work to normalize skin and membrane functions.

Mouth ulcers, throat pain, tonsillitis (throat swelling and pain)
40 Tablets
Dosage and Administration
Take the following dose three times a day at morning, noon, and night.
Age Dosage
(15 years and older)
2 Tablets
7 to under 15 1 Tablet
under 7 years Must not be used
Ingredients and Content
Composition of adult daily dose (6 tablets): Tranexamic acid 750 mg, dried Licorice Root extract (equivalent to 990 mg of crude drug) 198 mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) 50 mg, riboflavin (vitamin B2) 12 mg, sodium L- ascorbic acid (vitamin C sodium) 500 mg (Additives: Cellulose, hydroxypropyl-cellulose, silicon dioxide, cross CMC-Na, sucrose fatty acid ester, hypromellose, macrogol, titanium oxide, talc, red ferric oxide)

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